5…7°C 10-6/K

Coeffiecient of thermal expansion
parallel to magnetization direction

Adjusted accordingly

Magnet assemblies

Neorem Magnets supports the customer from the very beginning of the project. Our experts will help to find the best possible solution from functional and pricing point of view.

Designed with experience

Neorem Magnets is an experienced supplier of different types of magnet assemblies. For example, we manufacture:

  • Pole elements for large electric motors and generators
  • Rotors for servo motors
  • Components for actuators
  • X-ray generating undulator and wiggler assemblies for particle accelerators

Flexibility in design

Most pole elements are designed in co-operation with our customers, but we have also own, patented element designs. The customer can turn to us in the very beginning of the project. Our experts will find a cost-efficient and a technically superior solution adjusted to your needs.

Profound magnetism knowledge

Neorem Magnets has many years of experience on magnet design and magnet assembly. Therefore we have a deep understanding about the challenges related to the mounting and corrosion protection of the magnets and elements.